Julie Tubman, a successful executive in the funeral industry decided to sell her business, Tubman Funeral Homes. It was time.

Julie’s considerable success can be attributed to both her business acumen and her sincere commitment to helping people in the community she loves. Whether as an executive at Tubman or in her role as Chairman of the Boards of CHEO and Roger’s House, she always placed the emotional needs of clients, children and her family above all else.

When it came to downsizing her life, Julie chose Sheila Gallagher of Kerryhill Realty to assist in the sale of her home. The decision was prophetic.

Julie was an empty nester in the process of selling her life’s work. She was in transition and needed more than a real estate agent. She wanted to work collaboratively with someone who is empathetic, experienced and ethical. Sheila fit perfectly.

Sheila did more than just list, stage, photograph and video. She also brought her exquisite taste from her time in the fashion industry, her solid real estate track record and her genuine care for people’s feelings. She applied her accreditations in Feng Shui and shamanic space clearing to the preparation of Julie’s property. Kerryhill PM, a sister division specializing in project management, was in the wings to provide advice. Julie’s home needed work to bring it to its true market potential. And as she does on all properties, Sheila consulted with Julie on pricing through a shared understanding of market research and value.

After thorough preparation with Sheila, Julie’s $900K-plus home sold in 8 days, exceeding the asking price because of the exceptional MLS listing. Remarkable!

And to Julie the client experience was more than remarkable. It was inspirational. It pointed her in a new direction to a career change and a partnership. Sheila enjoyed the interaction so much she invited Julie to join her in creating a new force in residential real estate — one dedicated to clients in transition. They both understand that buying or selling a home is a big deal. It’s anxiety-making.

The Gallagher Tubman transitions team, along with Kerryhill PM are here to support. Whether you’re a down-sizing empty nester, have experienced a loss or simply want change, we are committed to the timely sale of your residence or the purchase of a new one. We are empathetic, ethical and excellent at what we do.

Follow Julie to the Gallagher Tubman residential partnership. You’ll sense their solidarity of purpose. Their knowledge will inspire confidence. Sheila and Julie are experience personified.

And before you decide on representation, please read our Gallagher Tubman promise. It will point you directly back to Kerryhill Realty and confirm your feelings of trust.