Feng Shui in Real Estate

Did you know that applying Feng Shui can have an invisible yet influential impact on selling your home? You can’t see it, but the buyer can feel it. And Feng Shui can make a home feel ‘right’.

Asians use Feng Shui when building or renovating.

Gallagher Tubman applies Feng Shui to every listing. They position furniture, colours, elements within a space. Then, before the photographer arrives, we do a Shamanic space clearing.

“Feng Shui is a step up from staging,” says Gallagher, who is a professional Feng Shui Practitioner trained by Malca Narroll in Toronto.. Narroll, a former architect and founder of the Feng Shui Association of Canada, provides one of the most comprehensive training programs in Canada.

Feng Shui, directly translated means ‘Wind’ and ‘Water’, has been practiced in Asia for 5000 years. It is known as the Chinese art of placement, the placement and position of a building, furniture, colours, elements, people. When applied, it removes stagnant and blocked energy which enhances and encourages the flow of energy (‘Chi’) to nourish a space.

Feng Shui is a powerful selling tool that can spell the difference between selling [quickly] or not at all.

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Feng Shui Evenings

Would you like to host a Feng Shui evening?

Gallagher Tubman brings food, beverage, friends, and Feng Shui to your home. The host receives a two-hour no-cost Feng Shui consultation at her home with six to eight friends and Gallagher Tubman – and has the opportunity to experience its life-changing benefits.

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